Howard Cohen Astronomy Downloads

Dr. Howard L. Cohen is a founding member of Alachua Astronomy Club. He is also Associate Professor of Astronomy (Emeritus), Department of Astronomy, University of Florida.

Dr. Cohen has written many educational papers about various aspects of astronomy, some of which are reproduced here. For other examples of his writing, search the First Light newsletters available elsewhere on the AAC web site.

Yes Virginia the Moon Can Be Blue.pdf

Why See a Total Eclipse of the Sun.pdf

The Galileoscope - The Good the Bad and the Ugly.pdf

Iota Cancri Occultation.pdf

Heavenly Notables During 2009.pdf

Februarys Total Lunar Eclipse.pdf

Double Full Moons.pdf

An Early Morning Eclipse.pdf

A Long Eclipse in an Exotic Land.pdf

660 Light Years to Earth.pdf

See a Star Disappear.pdf

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