Not-So-Dark-Sky Observing Guide (Book for Sale)

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    Book description by the author Rob Pickman:

    The book is printed on very heavy 32-pound glossy paper. I have tested it to insure that it can withstand getting dewy. It is spiral bound so that the pages will lie flat. The front and back covers are plastic, not paper, so that it will stand up to many years of outdoor use. The cost is $20.00 including shipping. Orders of 10 or more cost $18.00 each including shipping. Contact me, Rob Pickman at for questions or pricing on larger club orders. I do not take credit cards, so payment is by personal or club check. If you provide your email address with your order, I will email any corrections and new objects that I plan on adding based on my reader input.

    Order Form for "Not-So-Dark-Sky Observing Guide"

    This observing guide is a collection of almost two hundred objects that can be observed from locations that do not have dark skies. The book is organized alphabetically by constellation making it easy to look at the sky, see which constellations are up and then with a little star-hopping move from object to object within the constellation. For each object the SAO, Messier or other catalog number is given. This makes it simpler to find on a Go-To scope’s hand controller. I also supply the RA and DEC for each object for those of you with just setting circles.

    For example, this image is a view of the entire constellation Cassiopeia with indications for the objects that will follow.

    Then for each object a photographic one-degree field of stars is shown with a detailed explanation. Once you have found the object you may wish to add more magnification or filters.

    CAS NGC 457

    RA: 1:19    Dec: 58.3 

    Mag: 5.1  Type: Cluster

    NGC457 is one of the more fun-to-view open clusters. It is always a big hit with kids. The two bright stars look like eyes and there are arms, legs and a heart. It’s not the real name of the cluster, but everyone knows it as ET (The Extra Terrestrial).


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