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  • 14 Nov 2018 11:56 AM
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    Hi I am a new member was in club many years ago. Looking for a telescope that our family could use with a 6 yr old granddaughter in Jax and one here in gville. know nothing and have never owned one before and would like for Christmas gifts! Thx and can call 352-281-4334 or email sdavis if you wish. many thanks! Sandy 

  • 12 Dec 2018 12:01 PM
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    I think two type of telescopes would be good for you:

    1- Dobsonian:

    Pro: cheap, easy to set up, and easy to work with

    Cons: Needs collimation every once in a while, sensitive to temperature change

    2- Refractor (a good achromat should be good for your purpose)

    Pro: No collimation is needed, not too sensitive to temperature change, sharp view, wider field compared to Dobsonians, and no maintenance at all. 

    Cons: Price is normal for Achromats and high for Apochromats, Needs more attention while setting up compared to Dobsonians.

    If you can attend one of the meetings, we can talk about it. Hope this helps you.

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