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     Up for your consideration is a Meade 10" F10 SCT, this is a classic #2120 that was deforked by the previous owner. It's in excellent condition, both cosmetically and optically. It can be mounted with the installed Farpoint vixen dovetail or it can be mounted with the included 10" rings and a dovetail of your choice. It includes a 2" visual back and a 2" diagonal for instant viewing use. The focuser is smooth and tight and the primary mirror travels nicely. The optics are clean and everything intact. Bob's knobs are installed for collimation. It comes with a 60mm finder scope with mounting hardware, and a pre-installed standard SCT finder shoe for standard finder accessories. It comes with the corrector plate lens cover (metal). Included are two solar film filters, one is photographic grade and one is visual grade (Astrozap & Kendrick, using Baader AstroSolar Film). The scope is free of dents or any large scratches or anything. It was well cared for by the previous owner that I bought it from and it has been well cared for by me in my home and stationed in my observatory and always covered. I'm passing on this classic great condition scope to someone else for a fair deal to get them into large aperture territory on a dime.

    Please see all photos if interested. I can include more photos upon request from serious inquiries, just send me a message or e-mail me directly at:
    Things to know:

    The Meade 10" #2120 is 26lbs as a bare OTA, you will need a substantial mount to carry this telescope such as a G-EQ mount with 30~40lbs capacity minimum. With just the Farpoint vixen dovetail installed, weight is shaved down and this telescope can be used visually or for imaging around the 30lb mark. It was well balanced and operated fine on my HEQ5/Sirius mount (30lb) with an extended shaft and appropriate counter weights and the mount did not stuggle with it (however this is a pier mounted head and it behaves differently than something on a tripod). Highly recommended to use 40lb+ capacity mounts if you're using an EQ mount. But it can totally be used on 30lb mounts with excellent balance and minimal accessories and the dovetail. Otherwise, if you use the 10" rings, dovetail or your choice, large finder optics, big diagonal and large eyepieces the OTA quickly goes over 35lbs+ rapidly and near 40lb territory. I wanted to be upfront about the weight because a lot of people go for these scopes not knowing the real world weight. Alternatively, you can build a basic dobsonian base with a rocker box that is taller than standard and use it that way without any weight concerns (the previous owner was doing this, it was rather clever!).

    Included in this sale:

    Meade 10" F10 #2120 SCT OTA
    2" Blue Fireball Visual Back
    Meade 60mm Finder Scope + Mounting Hardware & Stock Eyepiece (battery needs to be replaced)
    Stock Corrector Lens Plate Cover (Metal)
    Standard SCT Finder Shoe (installed)
    Farpoint Vixen Dovetail (installed)
    10" Pair of mounting Rings (provide your own specific dovetail)
    Orion 2" Mirror Diagonal
    Bob's Knobs (installed)
    Kendrick 10" Full Aperture Photography Grade AstroSolar Film Solar Filter + Box
    Astrozap 10" Full Aperture Visual Grade AstroSolar Film Filter + Box

    Price and details:

    $600 all-in for everything. I accept cash, Paypal (fees on me), or a Cashier's Check (please no personal checks).

    I am located in Florida near the Gainesville/Chiefland/Trenton area. I am happy to do a local sale and am willing to drive to meet up for an intended purchase from a serious buyer. I'm willing to drive ~2 hours to meet up somewhere if we can work out something to split distance and time, but only for a serious buyer, not just to "take a look" as I'm sure you would understand the time and cost of traveling. Basically anything from Jacksonville to Tampa should be reasonable for both of us. Just send me a message if you're interested and we can work something out reasonable.

    I cannot bring a mount to allow you to thoroughly test everything out, however you are encouraged to bring your own mount if you wish, otherwise, it's simple to balance it on a truck bed on some foam and look through the optics to evaluate anything and test the functions of all the mechanics of the telescope. I can supply an eyepiece or other accessories, but I cannot bring a large mount with this one (my mount is permanently installed in my observatory). Let me know what you plan to do with this, we can work out a plan.

    I do not have a trunk or large specific case for this scope. It stays stored in a humidity controlled large blue storage bin with foam. I'm happy to provide it if you wish for free to travel with.

    Please see the photos and I'm open to any questions or ideas. I included photos of the OTA mounted with the Farpoint vixen dovetail and the 10" Rings to show the difference so you can figure out how you want to do things and what's possible. It's rock stable on the Farpoint vixen dovetail.

    I would do a significantly lower price for a true local sale.

     pls contact:

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